Dr. Wayne Stein, instructor of Kendo and Katori Shinto Ryu classes at UCO, gives his TED talk on Resilience. Cancer might seem like a death sentence. However, this talk will show how the speaker used the path of the mindful martial arts warrior with the weapon of positivity to overcome the painful adversities during the pandemic. Dr. Wayne Stein is a professor of English and teaches Kung Fu Cinema, Cyberpunk Cinema, and Asian American Literature. With 26 years at UCO, he has written books, presented papers, and won various teaching awards. He is the advisor to the UCO Budo Society, the samurai club. This talkRead More →

Update 04SEP2020 Classes at UCO have resumed. Masks are required on campus, and social distancing will be enforced. Update 07JUN2020 All classes at the Tatsukan Dojo are re-opened. UCO classes are still suspended. Original post, 19MAR2020 Due to concerns of Coronavirus, Katori classes at Tatsukan Dojo are cancelled until further notice. Aikido classes are cancelled until further notice. UCO has suspended all events for two weeks. Kendo/Katori classes at UCO will be cancelled for the remainder of the semester.Read More →

Abdalla Sensei has created a gofundme to keep up with the expenses of the dojo during a time when classes cannot be held. Please check it out here: Tatsukan Karate Dojo vs Covid-19 Quarantine If you can spare a few dollars, it would be greatly appreciated!Read More →