1. Learning how to work together will be essential in helping to build a better community in the Edmond area. Once our membership begins to grow we will assist different organizations within the Edmond community. 2. Building good health will be central to this Aikido class. The beginning of class will consist of special targeted rehabilitation exercises to target both old injuries and prevent new injuries. 3. This will be a skill-based class. Techniques will be taught with the emphasis on developing the skills underline the techniques. The skill development approach will allow the practitioner to apply these principles to any martial art they wantRead More →

One of the most difficult concepts to learn in any martial art is transferring energy through your body efficiently. In general, the body has to maintain a state of relaxed responsiveness. Usually, when muscles get tight, you’re trying to control unnatural movement. As we were training today I realized a skill, which is more easily developed through studying aikido, is fundamentally necessary to perfecting weapons practice.Read More →

We currently train two days a week and are planning to open it up to three or four days a week. The students will learn various Kata contained in the curriculum of Katori Shinto-ryu. These movements will be the framework for the student to learn advanced martial arts skills which can be applied to many different martial arts systems.Read More →