We currently train two days a week and are planning to open it up to three or four days a week.

The students will learn various Kata contained in the curriculum of Katori Shinto-ryu. These movements will be the framework for the student to learn advanced martial arts skills which can be applied to many different martial arts systems.

The basic skills needed to effectively use their body to control a weapon will be centered around natural movement and efficiency of motion. The students will learn highly coordinated movements which are necessary to react to a highly skilled partner who is attacking you. Correct reaction requires a high degree of control of one’s mental perception of time, distance and body awareness. These skills allow the student to be connected to the ever-changing motion of the attacker. The last skill is learning how to use your body to effectively bring the energy from the ground and transfer it into the weapon. This disrupts the attacker’s timing and balance. In combination, these skills give the student a very high level of ability to become proficient at many different martial arts.

Although the classes are open to everyone, it is highly suggested that the student come into the class with at least 20 years of martial arts experience. This will ensure the student has a basic grasp of how to move their body in space and a fundamental knowledge of how to learn complex movements.

If you have trained in very hard styles of martial arts, you’ll appreciate the value in learning these skills without the damaging effects which can occur from grappling, punching, or kicking types of martial arts. I believe this is why many advanced practitioners of other martial arts will cross train in our class.

We look forward to developing a great community of martial arts practitioners who are interested in forming great relationships with other dojos in the area and around the world.

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